We want you to go all in and end Wraptober with a BOOM! Do what you do best—Blitz, Wrap, Repeat, hold Wrap Parties—and then take it to a Whole ‘Notha Level these last days of Wraptober!

Let’s celebrate how we are STRONGER TOGETHER at MARBELLA 2016! You will be treated like the Wrap Star you are at the 5-star Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella, Spain, PLUS get exclusive training with Kindsey Pentecost, VP of Business Development and Brand Strategy, and Black Diamond Kami Dempsey.


  • If you’re a Double Diamond, go Triple Diamond or above plus enrol and maintain 4 Loyal Customers and 3 Distributors
  • If you’re Triple Diamond or above, enrol and maintain 4 Loyal Customers and 3 Distributors

Wrap your way to #theGOODlife when you earn your GOOD Bonus for going Emerald ($1,000*), Diamond ($10,000*), Double Diamond ($15,000*), Triple Diamond ($25,000*), Presidential Diamond ($50,000*) or Ambassador Diamond ($75,000*)

Early Bird ticket sale for ONE: It Works! Conference 2017 has ended, but we still have a great deal! 

Get your ONE: It Works! Conference 2017 ticket at our special reduced price of $250, claim your 3 Wraps Rewards and get an Exclusive ONE Survival Kit (valued at over $100!) if you purchase by 1st December at 06:59 CET!

*All USD values to be converted to local currencies. See your eSuite Document Library for Official Rules.

It’s a Wrap!

We just wrapped up the first-ever European Boot Camp tour de force with an impressive and exciting Boot Camp Paris after being in Frankfurt, Milan, Zaragoza, London, and Montpellier! All we can say is: It Works! Family, you sure know how to bring the BOOM to your business! Take your business to a Whole ´Notha Level by practicing everything you’ve learned during Boot Camp from Kindsey Pentecost, VP of Business Development and Brand Strategy, the It Works! Sales Managers, and our Top Distributors! Let’s win this Championship Year together!

Wraptober Is a GOOD Month!1

GOOD is here and you don’t want to miss your shot to live #theGOODlife! The best part about GOOD being here is you can Get Your GOOD Back!* If you earned a GOOD or Double GOOD Bonus this year and lost it, you can still get it back! Just re-qualify at your highest paid GOOD or Double GOOD Bonus rank by 31 October!

All Distributors who earn these first time ranks by 31 October 2016. See your eSuite Document Library for Official Rules.
*Distributors must have earned and lost the GOOD Bonus in 2016 to qualify to Get Your GOOD Back. See your eSuite Document Library for Official Rules.
1Earnings of participants in the Compensation Plan may vary. Please see the Income Disclosure Statement.

Gift Wrapping Made Easy!
Don’t fret over gift wrapping your favourite It Works! products for friends and family! Be #WrappedAndReady every time you want to surprise someone with our limited edition Ooh-la-Wrap! Sets: Body Basic Set and Facial Starter Set—complete with NEW-LOOK Wrap and Facial! Now that’s gifting made easy! SHOP NOW!

*New Ultimate Body Applicator and Facial packaging only available in Body Basic Set and Facial Starter Set until 1 January 2017 at 06:59 CET. While Gift Set Supplies Last. Please see eSuite for more details.

Be Careful Where You Advertise!

Be sure your newest Team Members are aware of the It Works! Policies and Procedures and where we are allowed to advertise. The sale of It Works! products on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or other online classifieds is not permitted. This policy is to protect our company integrity, brand name, and to keep our product exclusive. If you see a Distributor posting products or advertising on prohibited sites, please submit a support ticket in your eSuite with a link to the listing along with the Distributor’s information for further investigation. Remember, you represent It Works! everywhere you go and with every person you talk to! Represent it, protect it, and build it right!


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